Group Sessions

Why run in a group? At Watts Athletics we love to share the joy of running and passion of being part of a team, with our members. When you run with Watts Athletics we believe in the following:

    • Will run for coffee
    • Achieve your goals
    • Teamwork
    • Together we are better
    • Socialise with an awesome crew
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Wednesday Afternoon 6PM @ Suncorp Stadium


Intermediate to Advanced Runners 

 Tuesday & Thursday Mornings 5:15AM @ Corner of Cribb St and McDougall St, Milton



$20 Per week for Intermediate / Advanced


Watts run club

In our run club sessions, we focus on catering to everyone’s individual needs. We do this by supporting you at whatever stage you are at in your running journey. We will help you take that first step on your running journey. We will make it fun, easy and addictive.

This group session includes workouts to build fitness, strength and above all confidence in yourself

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Intermediate – advanced Sessions:

In our Intermediate Sessions you will sweat just a little more. The Intermediate Sessions are specifically tailored to your personal running goals. Coach Watts will work with you to hone your skills and take you to the next level. These sessions are designed to make you work for every KM / every rep, and send you home feeling the effect of those big improvements and keen to come back and do it again.

We provide a very encouraging environment.

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