"Since I started training with Watts Athletics 8 months ago I have seen massive improvements across all my race times with PBs in 5k, 10k and half marathon distances. I love the tailored run plans and regular feedback from Coach Shiloh. The group sessions across the week with the Watts Athletics run community make the harder sessions really enjoyable too. I could not recommend Shiloh or WA more highly." 


"I highly recommend having Watts Athletics write you a running program to help you reach your running goals. Prior to Shiloh writing me a program I kept getting injured. I think I would increase the length of my long run too quick and before I knew it I would be injured again. It was so frustrating! Since Shiloh has written my program for me and I have been seeing an exercise physiologist it has helped me to improve in my running while remaining injury free. I find it motivating that there is someone else that I am accountable too to make sure that I am completing my runs and it also means that I have structure in my runs to ensure that I am not building up to quickly. Shiloh will increase the mileage each week and then drop it back down so my body can recover. Plus if I am unsure of anything with my training I can quickly run it past Shiloh, she is always very quick to respond. Watts Athletics also has a lovely community of runners that meet on a Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for runs and then most importantly coffee šŸ™‚ It is a great mix of people and a variety of different running speeds so there is people at a range if paces. They are all very supportive of each other and they often will register teams for events or do small runs together to help each other get a PB. Iā€™m also very grateful to Brenno (Assistant Coach :)) for all his help pacing me in two 5km time trials, it made a huge difference and it definitely helped me to run faster. I also appreciated that he gave up his workout to help me with mine. Watts Athletics offers a wonderful, running community and will definitely help your running improve and make the runs go much quicker."


"Shiloh from Watts Athletics developed an excellent 6 week program for me to complete the 10km Bridge to Brisbane with a goal time of sub 50 minutes. The program was easy to follow and varied in terms of run sessions and distance. Shiloh is also very approachable and listens!  She will answer any questions you have or alter sessions if needed.  I could also see the progress I was making during the training program. Watts Athletics offers varied and excellent programs that will definitely improve your running and your running goals ā€“ whether that be a PB or just completing a 10km run for the first time! I was very pleased with meeting my goal time for the Bridge to Brisbane and am about to embark on a 5km program!"

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