Online Coaching

Your journey to running success can be yours today. It is a journey that anyone can tackle, and it is only one small step away.

Whether you have just bought your first pair of running shoes or your 100th pair, our personalized structured online programs will suit any runner at any level!! All our programs are designed to suit your:

  • Running experience
  • Family / work commitments
  • Past or present Injury’s
  • Personal Goal Times

How do I know if these programs are for me?

Have you ever…

  • Wanted to run a 5k Parkrun from start to finish?
  • Wondered why everyone around you is getting faster but YOU’RE not?
  • Wanted to improve your fitness but do not know where to start?

If you answered YES to any, then one our personalised program is just what you have been looking for.

What will you receive?

  • Personalised program designed by Coach Watts structured around you! 
  • Ongoing analysis and feedback on your training with adjustments if necessary via Final Surge Account.
  • Unlimited Communication with the coach via Email and Final Surge account.
  • Over 10 Years of running experience.
  • Motivation to achieve your goals.
  • Race day planning and run strategy.
  • Active running coach that you can relate to!

Program Options & Cost 

*Personalised On-Going Coaching - $110 Per Month
*Personalised On-Going Coaching + Weekly Sessions - $149 Per Month



It's Easy

By following any one of Coach Watt’s personalised programs, we have helped many runners achieve their goals. From beginners to sub 2hr 50 Marathoners, we have helped them all. Each one of Coach Watts personalised programs are tailored to fit around your lifestyle and running experience, ensuring that you have plenty of time to enjoy the things you love, as well as guiding you towards achieving your ultimate running goal.

When do I start? You start NOW!

Start my journey NOW!!

Road To Success





All online coaching will be run on Final Surge.

This has proven to be the most efficient way to plan, motivate and achieve our clients goals.

It's free to join and you will love it! 

Download Final Surge app onto your smartphone (works on all platforms) create an account and we will upload your program onto your calendar and you are good to start your journey.